Consultation (9am-6pm Only)

This is mandatory for all new clients & is only between 9am and 6pm and PRIOR your appt. Please note that this is not t be scheduled same day as your hair appt. There’s no services on this day, I examine your hair, scalp, we discuss your desired style then we schedule your appt together.

$0+20 min

1-on-1 Beginner Braiding Class

$175.00 deposit required

This is a class specifically for those wanting to learn multiple beginner friendly braiding techniques. Refreshments are provided and all supplies can be taken home!

$350300 min

1-on-1 Loc Education And Install

$175.00 deposit required

This amazing opportunity to learn from a 20+ year braider and loctician is a deal. Bring your pen, pad and an open mind to be ready to take your business and skills to the next level! Refreshments are provided on this day☺️

$350360 min